Will Boat Insurance Cover Blown Motor?

Does insurance cover a blown outboard?

If the problem is not related to a lack of maintenance or expected upkeep, your boat insurance may cover it. If the engine damage was caused by a collision or severe weather, most policies will cover it.

Does insurance cover a blown up engine?

If an accident or vandalization causes the engine to blow up, car insurance will cover it. If a crash causes an engine to blow up, the collision insurance will not cover repairs, but it will cover the damage that was caused by poor maintenance.

Will insurance cover a frozen boat engine?

If you don’t know how to winterize your vessel because you don’t know how to get all the water out of it, get help from a professional.

Is a motor covered under insurance?

If the damage is not your fault, and it falls under the “other than collision” coverage, your insurance won’t pay for it. Comprehensive coverage is for any damage to your vehicle that isn’t caused by a collision.


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