Why Boat Xtend Is Not Available In Flipkart?

Can we pick up call in boat Xtend?

Is it possible to reply to calls on Boat Watch Xtend? You can reject or limit the call on the watch. You can’t accept calls or reply to them.

Is boat Xtend laggy?

It isn’t laggy. The animation and transitions are easy to use.


Does boat Xtend have blood pressure?

The heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen are all monitored by the wristwatch. You can add your own touches to the watch faces.

Is there flashlight in boat Xtend?

How do I turn on the boat Xtend flashlight? You can scroll down to the bottom of the menu. There is a Flashlight tab at this location.

Is boAt a Chinese company?

Boat isn’t a Chinese company, it’s an Indian one. When we look at the manufacturing details on the headphones, we see that they were made in China. But what is the reason? China makes the earphone and headphones of the Boat company, but they were designed in India.

Is boAt an Indian company?

BoAt is an India-based consumer electronics brand that sells a wide range of products. Sameer Mehta and Aman Gupta founded Imagine Marketing Services Private limited, which is now known as Bo At.

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Can I call with boAt smartwatch?

It is possible to answer calls without reaching for your phone. You can accept or decline a call when you see the caller’s name on your watch. You can use the watch’s loudspeaker to talk.


Is there any Indian smartwatch?

It is compatible with both versions of the mobile operating system. There are 16 sports modes to choose from in the watch.

Is boat Xtend compatible with iPhone?

You can connect Boat Watch Xtend to your phone with the Boat Wave app on your phone.

Is boAt Xtend touch screen?

The BoatWatch Xtend has a 1.69-inch display. It has a thickness of 1 cm towards the bottom and a thickness of less than 1 cm on the other three sides.

Does boAt Xtend have Alexa?

There are 14 Sports Modes, Sleep Monitor, and 5 ATM Water Resistance in the Xtend Smartwatch.