Which Pontoon Boat Is Best?

Why are Tritoons better than pontoons?

The third toon on a tritoon allows for morefriction between the water and the bottom of the boat, which makes them better at handling rough, choppy water. A tritoon is a better option if you will be on rough water, open water, or docking in choppy waters.

Is a Tritoon worth the extra money?

Big waves are better handled by tritoons than by bitoons. The third toon will give you more engine capacity and make your ride more pleasurable. When shopping for an engine that is high in power, the sky is the limit. There are two great attributes for big water.


What size pontoon is best?

The 17 to 19-foot pontoon boat is the best for small bodies of water that are calmer. Group of up to eight people can enjoy the boats. 20 to 22-foot boats are good for lakes and rivers that don’t have a lot of waves. The boats can hold up to 13 people.

Is Bennington a good pontoon brand?

Bennington builds the highest quality boat in the industry and is backed up by the strongest warranty in the industry. There is a 10-year warranty from bow-to-stern and a lifetime structural and deck warranty for Bennington boats.

Are pontoons high maintenance?

There are a few characteristics of pontoon boats that make them inherently lower maintenance than other boats. They are less delicate and won’t rust as easily.

Can you flip a Tritoon?

A bitoon or a tritoon can’t be flipped. Their unique design makes them almost impossible to flip over, with only a few reports of such incidents happening.

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Do pontoons capsize easily?

The big boats are not made for rough seas. Waves can cause a boat to capsize.

How much does it cost to maintain a pontoon boat per year?

Each of the costs for maintaining a pontoon boat are determined by the location, size, and age of the boat. Potential boat owners should look at pontoon boats as a good starting point.

How often should you clean pontoons?

At least two detailed cleanings a year are required for you to plan on regular cleanings. Remove the boat from the water and use a soap solution and a power washer if there is an average amount of dirt on the boat.

Do Bennington pontoons hold their value?

pontoon boats lose value more quickly than other boats. After owning a pontoon for a couple of years, the resale value goes down. After a sudden decline, the value goes from $400 to $500 a year.

Do pontoons flip easy?

It is easy to drive and dock a pontoon boat. The shape and water dynamics of the boat, along with the slower speed capacity, make pontoons a safer option for newer boats. It does not mean that boat safety should be ignored.