Which Boat The Prisoner Of Was Asked To Escape By?

How did Dr Sadao help the prisoner escape?

He put it in a container. He was able to signal two flashes if the food ran out before he got to the boat. He wasn’t going to signal in darkness because he could see it. The American came down into the garden in the dark.

How was the plan of the American soldier’s escape executed?

The wounded soldier was given a lease of life by him. Instead of killing him, Dr. Sadao arranged for a boat, food and clothing to bring him back to the island.

What things did Sadao provide for the wounded prisoner on the boat?

The prisoner escaped thanks to Sadao’s help. There was food and drinks in the boat. He told the prisoner a lot of things. He told the prisoner to go to an island that was close to the coast.

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Why did Sadao save the prisoner?

The American young man is in danger. Sadao’s expertise in his profession and compassion as a human being made him the most dominant personality trait. He saved the prisoner’s life because he didn’t want the prisoner to die of his injuries.

How did Sadao sent the prisoner of war to safety?

She helped her husband wash the wounded soldier even though she refused to do so. The enemy was fed food by her. The doctor was able to save the prisoner because of her sympathy, humanity, loyalty, faithfulness, cooperation and obedientness.

Why did Dr Sadao give flashlight to the prisoner?

He told him not to start a fire because he might be caught. He was given a flash light and told to use it. If he ran out of food or was still on the island, one flash was enough.


Who was Hana Class 12 English?

Hana was new to the school. Sadao was fond of her and would love to have her. There is an Ans. On the other hand, Sadao saved a soldier’s life by operating on him.

How did Dr Sadao planned and helped the enemy soldier to escape?

It was like prayer for him as he worked. He couldn’t let the soldier go without treatment because of the promises he made during his oath of office. At the beginning of his career, he promised to treat everyone fairly.

Who was Dr Sadao Class 12?

Dr Sadao Hoki was a Japanese doctor. He spent eight years in America learning everything he could about surgery and medicine. He was trying to find a way to make wounds completely clean.

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What did Sadao give to the prisoner?

If he didn’t find a Korean fishing boat to rescue him from the Island, Dr. Sadao helped him by giving him a boat, ration, Japanese cloths, and even a torch light in case he ran out of food.

What kind of person the General was?

The General’s kind of person was not known. The General in the Japanese military is sickly and needs to be treated by Dr Sadao Hoki. According to Sadao, the General will only survive one more attack because he has a problem with his gallbladder.

What kind of a person was Sadao’s father?

The answer is that Sadao could only marry Hana if she were Japanese.

What kind of a person was Evans?

The solution was that Evans was a smart prisoner. He had escaped from a prison three times. He had never used violence of his own. He was a star at the Christmas concert because of his pleasant personality.

What did Sadao do as a boy?

As a boy, Sadao used to climb the pines, supporting himself on his bare feet as he had seen men climb for coconuts. The little boy was always told by his father that the islands were going to be a stepping stone to Japan’s future.

How did the arrival of the prisoners destroy?

Sadao’s home was destroyed by the prisoner’s arrival. The peace of Sadao’s home is destroyed when the prisoner arrives. At the beginning, Dr Sadao and his wife were unsure of what to do with a wounded American soldier.


How many American soldiers were executed for desertion in ww2?

In World War II, the United States military executed over 100 of its own soldiers for rape or unprovoked murder of civilians, but only one was put to death for desertion. Colonel Robert C. is an officer of the United States of America.

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What secret plan did the general have about the American soldier staying under the care of Dr Sadao?

The General had a secret plan about the American soldier who was staying in Sadao. The General was going to get the American soldier staying in the care of Dr Sadao, who was going to be killed by his assassins. The doctor was reassured by him that the dead body would be removed.