Which Boat From Menethil Harbor To Darkshore?

Where does the boat from Menethil Harbor go?

On the western shore of the Wetlands, there is a small island called Menethil Harbor. There is a boat that sails to Theramore Isle in Dustwallow Marsh on the continent of Kalimdor, as well as an icebreaker that goes to Valgarde in the Howling Fjord.

How to get to Auberdine from Menethil Harbor?

You can take the boat to Auberdine from Menethil Harbor. Around 20 minutes is how long it’s going to save you. You will need to corpse hop the entire way. If one of your deaths puts you at the one closest to Menethil, Wetlands has more than one GY.

Where do the Auberdine boats go?

It’s going to be travelling. Most of Kalimdor and Stormwind City were served by Auberdine, because it was the port for Night Elves. Teldrassil is the starting point for young night elves and is located from Darkshore.


How do I get to the Darkshore warfront?

If you’re new to Darkshore Warfront, you’ll need to complete an introductory quest line to get access to the Battle for Darkshore account. It is possible for alliance players to accept the starter quest, On Whispered Winds, from Dori’thur.

How do you get to the Darkshore as a horde?

You can take the zeppelin from the Northern Barrens. Taking the west road from the Northern Barrens will lead you to Ashenvale. If you follow the road west, you will get to Darkshore.

How do you get to the Darkshore from Stormwind?

If your Faction isn’t in control, you can grab a Darnassus Portal from your friendly neighbourhood Mage, take the Portal to where the boat used to be in Stormwind, or take the Portal to Hyjal and fly. You can ether fly a few minutes from Orgrimmar or take the same portal to the other side of the world.

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How do I get from Exodar to Darkshore?

The boat is located at Valnaar’s Berth, which is just south of The Exodar. Ships are at the dock for 1 minute between arrivals and departures. It sails to the center dock in Auberdine,Darkshore.

How do I get to Darkshore from Stormwind Classic TBC?

The harbour can be reached from SW. The left-most dock used to have a ship to Kalimdor, but now it’s a portal you can use to get to Darnassus. You can get to Darkshore by a variety of methods.