What Should Boat Operators Always Have On Board?

Personal safety equipment has to be carried on board. The life jackets are included. Personal flotation devices and a heaving line are also included. As a boat operator, it’s important that you show your passengers how to use them and not just have them on board.

What additional equipment must be on board all vessels 16 feet or more in length?

A life jacket of a type and size appropriate for the conditions and the boating activity being engaged in for each person aboard is required for vessels 16 feet and over.

Which of the following are all boat operators required to do?

Even if breaking a navigation rule is necessary to save lives and property, you should always have a proper lookout, operate at a safe speed and yield or give-way to another vessel when in doubt.

What must an operator remember to bring on board the boat before every boating trip in Oregon?

The certificate of number and safety equipment should be on the plane. You have to have a boater education card if the motor is over 10hp. There is a staging area where you can load your boat.


Which of the following is required equipment for vessels less than 65.6 feet long?

The bell and whistle must be carried on every vessel that is less than 20 meters in length.

What must a boat operator do in order to meet the navigation rules requirements for maintaining a proper lookout?

The bow, starboard, and port sides are where floating debris can be found. Every available means, including radar and radio, must be used to determine if there is a risk of a collision with another vessel. It’s not only common sense, but the law as well.

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Which of the following must be carried on board at all times when operating your vessel in Maryland?

If you are operating a watercraft in Maryland, you must have at least one type I, II, III or V PFD for every person on board. All of the PFDs must be approved by the Coast Guard and readily available to the intended wearer.

What is the first action required of a boat operator who is?

The responding authorities should allow the boat operator to stay at the scene of the accident until they are allowed to do so. They should remove their boat from the paths of other watercraft.

What type of person of rotation device must be kept on board any vessel 16 feet or longer?

If your boat is more than 16 feet, you need at least one Type 4, throwable PFD. If your PFD is in poor condition, it’s not approved.

What type of personal for Tatian device must be kept on board any vessel 16 feet or longer?

Each person on a boat must have a U.S. Coast Guard personal flotation device. A throwable device (Type IV) is required for boats 16 feet or over.

What are vessels 16 feet to 26 feet long required to carry on board when operating on kentucky state waters?

It is required for vessels 16 feet to 26 feet long to carry a hand-, mouth-, or power-operated sound- producing device that is audible for at least half a mile.