What Happens In The Boat In What Lies Below?

John is trying to catch more lampreys with the help of Libby. While on a boat, she suddenly gets her period, and then strange behavior from John. He touches her crotch and licks the blood while she is in the shower.

What did Libby see in the lake?

She sees that John fed the lampreys after killing Marely. John tried to grab her, but she threw a bucket of salt on him, causing him to hurt himself.

What is the big secret that is revealed at the end of the movie What Lies Beneath?

Norman killed missing student Madison Frank to hide their affair, then submerged her body in a river near the Spencer’s home in the finale of the show. There is more to this than meets the eye: Evidence tying Norman to the murder can be found under the lake nearby.

Why does Libby smile at the end of what lies below?

Is there a smile at the end of it? He admits that she was able to breathe underwater because of the blue light. In the film, a man who she believes to be John is actually one of John’s doppelgngers who abducts her at the end.


Does Libby remember highlights?

You have always had access to your annotations when the book is in your possession. If you returned a title and then borrowed it again later on, the notes and highlights would magically reappear.

How did the hidden end?

After putting out the fire, the family realized that the smoke from the fire was drifting up the air duct and giving away their location to anyone in the area. When they discover that the smoke has left ash above their shelter hatch, they can see their hiding spot.

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How does the secrets we keep end?

Lewis executed him out of rage when he said he did it. The two people are in a pit. They bury their secrets after cleaning their basement. They join Rachel and their friends for the Fourth of July.

What kind of creature is in what lies below?

He has been designed to be a Venus fly trap. Each one of them has their own algorithm that changes with them. A scientist is one of the people.

What happens to Brittany in The Lie?

According to the ending of The Lie, Britney’s death was a ruse by her and her friends to get her to disappear for a while with her boyfriend.

Why did Kayla push her friend in the lie?

The lie was about pushing Brittany to cover for her friend so they wouldn’t have to go to a ballet retreat. She initially planned to confess, but after hearing her parents laugh, she realized this could be her only chance to get to know them.

What is the ending of the lie?

The film ends with two unanswered questions, the first of which is what will happen to the family. It’s not known if Sam abused Britney or not. Even though she knew that Britney was alive and well, she still said this to the police.

Is there a sequel to What Lies Beneath?

Lucy and Rhys travel to a mountain village in Lebanon to learn more about Lucy’s family roots.

What does Liberty see in the lake What lies below?

The writer director has confirmed that the cell Liberty finds herself in at the end is actually inside a flying object. It’s the hull of a ship. Ema Horvath smiles at the end of the movie. She doesn’t have a baby yet.

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Whose body was in the river in the movie the lie?

According to the end of The Lie, Britney’s death was a ruse by her and her friends to get her to disappear for a while with her boyfriend.

What was the Libby?

Ebooks, digital audiobooks, and magazines can be borrowed from the public library with the free app. You can download titles for offline use or stream them on the internet. The only thing you need to start is a library card.