Should Boat Prop Have Play?

There is a person on the backside. When you put the boat in drive it pushes the prop up making it very tight on the shaft and you need a prop puller to remove it. There shouldn’t be any play between the two.

How much play should a mercury prop have?

There will usually be about a quarter of an inch of play if that is the case. That’s how the hub is designed. There is a chance that you have a little play in the prop shaft if you have the Flo torq 2 hubs. There are a lot of new and old motors that have some play in their prop shaft.

Should a boat prop be sharp?

The edge of the prop is similar to that of a beer can. It isn’t enough to cut yourself unless you apply some pressure. The performance boater has props that are “labbed” or “thin” to increase speed.

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When should a prop be replaced?

If any of the blade edges are broken or chipped, a new boat propeller is needed. If you hit something that dents or stymies the propeller, you don’t need to replace it.


What happens if you over tighten prop nut?

It is possible for the prop to slam back in reverse with great force against the nut and possibly shear the cotter pin if the prop is loosened too much.

Can you over torque a prop nut?

The prop nut is a hard nut to loosen. If you can’t get it to align for the cotter pin, you can sand the castle nut.

How much prop damage is too much?

If you own an aluminum prop, you should check for excessive metal loss, extended cracks, and blades that are too thin. If your prop has any of these issues, it’s time to get rid of it.

Do props wear out?

There is a simple answer, yes props wear out. They are thin and prone to fail through fatigue.

Should prop spin freely neutral?

If the prop spin is just going slowly and the gear isn’t going into neutral, it could be an adjustment or a repair. The lower unit oil can move if the drive shaft is turned down.

Is 3 or 4 blade prop better?

The most frequently asked question at the boat shows is about the difference between a 3-blade and a 4-blade boat propeller. A 4-blade prop has a better hole than a 3-blade prop because it has a higher blade ratio.


What does cupping a boat prop do?

The final edge of the propeller has a bend or curve that tilts away from the boat. Cupping increases performance by increasing pitch and decreasing therpms.

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What angle should a boat propeller be?

The rake angle with standard propellers is between -5 and 20. The basic propellers for outboard engines and stern drives typically have 15 of rake. Progressives can go as high as 300 at the blade tip of high-raked propellers.

Is it bad to run a boat with a damaged prop?

If you run your boat with a bent blade on the propeller, you could damage the lower unit of the boat. There are a number of issues that come with a damaged propeller. The power and performance have been lost.

Will a damaged prop cause vibration?

When it is hauled, it’s easy to spot damage to props with the naked eye; look for dents, scratches, and even something seemingly inconsequential that can throw things out of balance.

How does a damaged prop affect performance?

A damaged prop can cause damage to the structure. This can lead to a lack of performance, poor gas mileage, and lower engine unit damage.

What does a spun prop feel like?

The prop starts to spin when the engine is increased, so the engine does not accelerate. A spun hub doesn’t feel like it has much power. The prop is likely to slip at high speeds.

What causes a prop to spin?

A spun propeller is when the prop hub is spinning inside the propeller. The propeller won’t spin along with the hub after it spins inside of it. Damage to the hub, the inside diameter of the propeller or incorrect propeller installation can cause a hub to spin inside a prop.

What does a spun prop mean?

The weakness of responsiveness to the rotation of our engine’s propshaft is due to the detaching of the rubber hub of the propeller and to its following wear, which is why we call it aspun propeller.

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Can a bent prop be repaired?

If it isn’t too bad, the bent blade can usually be repaired and you can use it for a long time. It is possible to repair knicking, but you will lose some of the prop, which will affect the performance of the boat.

Should my boat prop spin freely?

In either direction, your prop will rotation in one direction. The shift linkage is out of adjustment if it spins freely in both directions before you change the pump. Shift adjustments can be different for one engine and another.