Is Boat Xtend Worth Buying?

Is boAt Extended good?

The Xtend is a low cost fitness watch. It does everything you would want from a basic fitness tracker and has a decent display. It has a look and feel similar to a premium watch. The watch’s battery life was not something that I liked.

Can we answer calls on boAt Xtend?

You will be able to experience the future of calling from your wrist. It is possible to answer calls without reaching for your phone.

Is boAt Wave worth buying?

Boat Wave Ultima is a good choice if you want to buy at Rs. Is there more than 3000? Most of the basic features you would expect from a watch at this price point can be found in the Wave Ultima.

Can we call on boAt Xtend smartwatch?

Xtend Talk is a place where you can find the best in you. Xtend Talk has a built-in speaker that will allow you to instantly connect with anyone on the go.


Can I wear boAt Xtend while bathing?

It’s rated to be waterproof up to 5 ATM so you can use it during your workouts and it’s also available in various colors.

Does boAt smartwatch have camera?

The flash edition of the smart watch has an activity tracker, multiple sports modes, a 1.3″ screen, 170 watch faces, a camera, and a 7 day battery life.

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Does boAt Xtend have mic?

There is a highlight of the Boat Xtend. The microphone is built into the watch, and you can use it by pressing the back button.

Is boAt Xtend touch screen?

The big square colour display with a round dial has a complete touch experience to let you control it easily.

Does boAt Xtend have stress?

The watch comes with a stress monitor that shows you stress levels, as well as a heart rate and SpO2 monitor.

Is boAt extended waterproof?

It’s perfect for outdoor use because of its water resistance. There are 4 different colors, including Pitch Black, Deep Blue, Sandy Cream, and Olive Green.