Is Boat Xtend Waterproof?

Can I swim with boAt Xtend?

Any 23mm straps can be used to replace the two soft silicone straps on theBoAt Xtend. It’s rated to be waterproof up to 5 ATMs so you can use it during your workouts and swimming.

Is boAt Xtend pro smartwatch waterproof?

Xtend Pro is impervious to dust and water splashes. Xtend Pro is a great partner for your fitness journey.

Can we answer calls on boAt Xtend watch?

Keeping you up to date on what’s going on. Xtend Talk can be used to call loved ones. You can get in touch with anyone on the go with its built-in speaker and dialpad.

Can we wear boAt Xtend while sleeping?

I wore the watch for an entire day and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. You can wear it while sleeping because it is so soft. The Bo At Xtend feels lighter on the wrist than most watches.

Which boAt smartwatch is waterproof?

The smart watch has a full touch display, a round dial, and is sweat and water resistant.

Does boAt Xtend have mic?

There is a highlight of the Boat Xtend. You can use the microphone on the watch by long pressing the back button.

Can you reply to messages on boAt smartwatch?

Notification Alerts, Quick Replies, Curated Music and Camera Controls, DND mode and weather forecasts for a mobile-free experience are included in the features of the Bo At Blaze smartwatch.

Can we talk on boAt watch?

The smart watch calling feature is possible thanks to a built-in premium speaker and microphone.

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Does boAt smartwatch have camera?

The flash edition of the smart watch has an activity tracker, multiple sports modes, a 1.3″ screen, 170 watch faces, a camera, and a 7 day battery life.

Does boAt Xtend have speaker?

There is a 1.69-inch HD display on theBoat Xtend Talk. There are over 100 cloud-based watch faces that can be configured according to your preferences. The device has a speaker and dial pad that allow you to make calls.

Can we call in boAt Xtend?

Premium Design, 60+ Sports Modes, vO2 Max, HR & SpO2 Monitor, and Ambient Sound Detection are some of the features of the Xtend Talk.

Is boat wave Fit watch waterproof?

There are a number of health and fitness features on the watch. Water resistance and dustproof are some of the things that the watch has.

Can boAt Xtend connect to phone?

Make sure you use the latest version of the operating system in your phone. Accepting and agreeing to all the terms and permission is required. You need to download the boat Wave app on your phone.

How long does boAt Xtend last?

7 days of battery life is delivered by the Watch Xtend. The battery has an in-box magnetic charge. The watch is compatible with all of the popular mobile devices.