Is Boat Watch Xtend Waterproof?

Can we swim with boAt Xtend?

Any 23mm straps can be used to replace the two soft silicone straps on the Bo At Xtend. It’s rated to be waterproof up to 5 ATMs so you can use it during your workouts and swimming.

Is boAt watch waterproof?

The watch has a 33mm full touch display, a round dial, and is sweat and water resistant.

Is boAt Xtend sweat proof?

It has 14 sports modes, 5 ATM dust, splash and sweat resistance.

Can we make calls with boAt Xtend?

Notifications for multiple applications, including calls, texts, social media notifications, sedentary & hydration alert, and alarms, are supported by Bo At Xtend.

Is it worth buying boat Xtend?

Boat Xtend is a good watch. It has all the basic fitness features you will find on a budget fitness tracker, as well as a good display, good design and build, and a lot more. This is a good price for a watch.

How waterproof is 5ATM?

A watch’s ATM is the amount of pressure it can hold. Under water, 5ATM will be able to cope with pressures equivalent to 50 meters. It’s important to remember that this is a measure of pressure and not depth.

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What is 5ATM water resistant?

There are 5 ATMs and a swimming pool. The withstood pressure is equivalent to 50 meters.

Does boAt Xtend have GPS?

On top of that, the smartwatch runs on a mobile operating system. To receive notifications of alarm clock, goal setting, reminders, and stopwatch, you can sync the watch to your phone.

Which smartwatch is best in India?

The top-notch features of the SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH 4 are what make it the best watch in India.

Is boAt Xtend durable?

The verdict was a positive one. There are a lot of recording options for the Boat Xtend. There is a bright display and the watch is durable.

Can I use WhatsApp in boat Xtend smartwatch?

Boat Watch Xtend is a place where you can get notifications for things. The budget smartwatches segment has got a lot of response from customers as they offer a wide range of features.

Which smart watch is better Boat or noise?

According to the report, the Color Fit Pro 2 was the most popular smartwatch. Four of the brand’s watches were in the top 10 models of that year. Boat had a 26% market share and was the best-selling watch in the market.

Can we use WhatsApp in boat Xtend smartwatch?

Notifications for Facebook,Instagram, and calls can be found in the Boat Watch Xtend. The budget smartwatches segment has gotten a lot of response from customers because of its wide range of features.

Can we attend calls in boat smartwatch?

It is possible to answer calls without reaching for your phone. You can accept or decline a call when you see the caller’s name on your watch. The watch’s loudspeaker is a great place to have a conversation.

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Is boat Xtend laggy?

It is not laggy. The animation and transitions are easy to use. The touch screen responds well and feels good.

Does boat Xtend have GPS?

There is an operating system for the watch. To receive notifications of alarm clock, goal setting, reminders, and stopwatch, you can sync the watch with your phone or computer.