Is Boat Harbour Closed?

The park will be closed from Monday 2 May to Thursday 1 December due to widespread damage caused by flooding.

Is the Boat Harbour mill closed?

The Facility was leased to the owners of the pulp mill in 1996. The Boat Harbour Act was enacted by the Government of Nova Scotia. Boat Harbour will no longer be used for reception and treatment of effluent in January 2020.

What happened Boat Harbour?

Boat Harbour has become polluted with dioxins, furans, chloride, mercury and other toxic heavy metals because of the treatment system that began in 1967. It’s one of the worst cases of environmental racism in Nova Scotia.

Why did Northern Pulp close?

Northern Pulp declared itself “insolvent” six months after it failed to provide the province with a suitable plan for its effluent treatment, and together with seven of its affiliates sought creditor protection in British Columbia.


When did the Pictou pulp mill close?

The treatment facility was unable to operate past the legislated deadline after the mill shut down. Hundreds of jobs were taken by it as the industry scrambled to find a new way forward.

What is the boat Harbour act?

The Boat Harbour Act helps protect the environment. Legal action against the Province can be prevented by this. Brad Johns, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, said that adding clearer language in the legislation made it clear that their intention was very clear.

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What is a se k?

A’se’k was a place where food, knowledge, and skills were exchanged. The land was used for a variety of purposes, including refuge, recreation, fishing, hunting, gathering of medicines, foods and herbs, as well as for physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional purposes.

Who owns Northern Pulp in Nova Scotia?

PaperExcellence invested heavily in improving mill performance and was proud to be a key contributor of the Nova Scotia forest industry with the production of Northern Bleached SoftwoodKrafts.

Did Pictou pulp close?

The company says it lost $450 million because of the mill’s closing. The Nova Scotia government has been accused of causing $450 million in losses by the closing of the Pictou County mill.