How To Use Boat Xtend Smartwatch?

Can we answer calls on boAt Xtend watch?

Keeping you up to date on what’s going on. Xtend Talk makes it easy for your loved ones to call you. You can get in touch with anyone on the go with its built-in speaker and dialpad.

Can I play music on boAt Xtend?

It’s possible to take control of your music, fitness, and more with a 1.69″ complete capacitiveLCD display. The Guided Meditative Breathing, Stress Monitor, and Sleep SpO2 Monitoring are all on your wrist. Every day, it has 50 watch faces that let you change up your look. It is possible to make more out of your days with the help of BoAt Xtend.

Can we call using boAt Xtend?

Premium Design, 60+ Sports Modes, vO2 Max, HR & SpO2 Monitor, and Ambient Sound Detection are some of the features of the Xtend Talk.


Can I use boAt smart watch without phone?

It is possible to record time on your watch while your phone is not in use.

Can we talk on boAt watch?

The smart watch calling feature is possible thanks to a built-in premium speaker and microphone.

Can we receive calls on boAt smartwatch?

Consumers will be able to use the device to make calls via the wrist accessory. The introductory price for the Boat Storm Pro Call is Rs 3,999.

Which app should I download for boAt smartwatch?

You can download the app on your mobile device. You can find it on the App Store and the Play Store, as well as on the watch.

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What app do I need to download boAt smartwatch?

You can use the boat Hub app to make your own watch. If you want to change the way your watch looks, you can download the latest software for cloud-based watch faces.


Does boat Xtend have mic?

The highlight of the Boat Xtend is the ability to use the Amazon voice assistant. The microphone is built into the watch, and you can use it by pressing the back button.

Can we take calls on boAt smartwatch?

A built-in premium speaker and microphone allow for a one-of-a-kind smart watch calling feature.

Is there calling option in boAt smartwatch?

The smart watch calling function switch on can give you up to 48 hours of function.