How To Update Xi5 Trolling Motor?

Does the Xi5 have a built in transducer?

The MotorGuide’s transducer is compatible with most fish finders and chart plotters if you have the right cable.

How can I make my trolling motor faster?

If you want to increase the speed of the boat, you have to duplicate the system. If one goes wrong, you’ll still get home.


How can I make my trolling motor slower?

If you leave the center engine neutral, it will help you troll slower. If that isn’t fast enough, use the center outboard and turn off the two outside motor. Try not to run more than two engines with quad outboards.

How do I sync my MotorGuide xi5?

If you want to pair a new remote, you have to remove the trolly motor from the batteries. Push down the left and right arrow buttons at the same time, until you hear a sound. The remote can now be used.

Why is my GPS light flashing on my MotorGuide Xi5?

After my first time out, I couldn’t find the question in my owners manual, but what does it mean when the indicator light blinks? It means that your gps is on. It was in anchor mode when I looked at it.

Does MotorGuide Xi5 link to Lowrance?

The MotorGuide Gateway Kit will allow you to connect a Pinpoint gps-equipped motor to a compatible Lowrance fish finder.

Does the MotorGuide Xi5 come with GPS?

With the world class Pinpoint®GPS module, you can focus on fishing while taking advantage of gps functions like anchor, heading lock, route record and more. The wireless foot pedal and hand-held remote are standard on freshwater and saltwater models.

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Does MotorGuide Xi5 have spot lock?

Virtual anchor technology is included in the MotorGuide XI5’s version of Spot-Lock. The trolly motor can be used to lock the gps positions as they see fit and can even jog anchor position if necessary.

Is there a reset on a Minn Kota trolling motor?

There is a small black button on the side of the circuitbreaker that needs to be pressed back in to restore power to the motor.

How do I update my ghost trolling motor?

Attach the card to the display when the Ghost is powered on. Select the files/storage and then select the file that you want to save. The box on the right hand side of the screen is where you can choose to upgrade.

How long should a trolling motor last?

The sea conditions, the size of the boat, and even the tides are some of the factors that affect how long a 24V trolly motor battery will last. The general run time for a traditional craft is about half a day.

How do I tell how old my trolling motor is?

A year is determined by the first letter of a serial number. The day the motor was made is determined by the numbers. It is April 2nd in this example.