How To Update Boat Xtend?

Can we make calls with boat Xtend?

Notifications for multiple applications, including calls, texts, social media notifications, sedentary & hydration alert, and alarms, are supported by Bo At Xtend.

How do you update a boat storm?

If you want to sync the data from the watch to the media device, you have to connect the watch to the media device via the ProGear app. Data will be sync to the app when this is done.


Why my BoAt Xtend is not working?

Try to bind the watch with the app if you don’t know how to do it. Once the device is discoverable, you can connect it to the app by clicking on the screen. If there are still binding issues, please restart your phone and try again.

Can I use WhatsApp in boat Xtend smartwatch?

Boat Watch Xtend is a place where you can get notifications for things. The budget smartwatches segment has got a lot of response from customers as they offer a wide range of features.

Does boat Xtend have GPS?

On top of that, the smartwatch runs on a mobile operating system. To receive notifications of alarm clock, goal setting, reminders, and stopwatch, you can sync the watch with your phone or computer.

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What is OTA update in smartwatch?

Just like your phone, your Wear OS watch can receive over-the-air updates directly on the watch, which can be downloaded and installed locally to upgrade to the latest version.

Can we receive calls on boat storm smartwatch?

It is possible to answer calls without reaching for your phone. You can accept or decline a call when you see the caller’s name on your watch. You can use the watch’s loudspeaker to talk.

What is the latest version of Wear OS?

One of the biggest changes to the platform is Wear OS 3.0. Wear OS is a platform that has been difficult to use. It’s available for manufacturers to use on their devices, but hasn’t evolved as quickly as rivals.