How To Install Boat Motor Controls?

Are all outboard control cables the same?

The length of the throttle and shift cables for outboards is the same as it is for inboard and sterndrive systems.

Are boat control cables universal?

Marine control cables are used for almost every engine combination. Universal type cables are designed to fit aftermarket engine controls as well as original equipment manufacturer units from BMW, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Volvo, Yamaha and others.

What are 4 types of control cable terminals?

They are available in a variety of ways. The cable can be connected to a turnbuckle, bellcrank, or other linkage with the help of the threaded end, fork end, and eye end terminal.


Are throttle controllers easy to install?

The best throttle response is ensured by a device called a throttle controller. It’s easy to use and benefit from, and it’s powerful and useful.

Are throttle controls worth it?

Is the throttle controllers really doing anything? If you want to improve drivability in a range of driving applications, tuning the throttle response is the way to go.

Should you run your outboard at full throttle?

Every boat owner has their own way of pushing their engine. Wide-open Throttle is a good place to run your boat because it can help clear out carbon build up.

Why does a throttle cable have 2 cables?

The second cable closes the car so it doesn’t get stuck. On a road race bike at 165 mph approaching a tight turn with little run off area, riders want to know that if they close the gas, it will close.

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Is throttle by wire better?

Throttle-by-wire creates harmony between the three components of the engine, which allows it to create more power. Variable valve timing can be better utilized by throttle by wire.

Can you use a brake cable instead of a gear cable?

The cable thickness is not the only difference. The ‘raw’ ends of both the brake and gear cables are fixed by a piece of furniture. At the lever end, they have different shaped nipples that are permanently affixed to the levers, which makes them non- changeable.

Are all NMEA cables the same?

Micro, Mid and Mini are the different types of cabling systems. The Micro/Mid cable system is used for networks that need less power than the Mini cable system.

How are outboard control cables measured?

Measure from the center of the boat. Unrestricted engine movement can be provided by adding four feet to the loop. You have to order the cable part number by rounding up to the next foot. The cable length in feet is determined by the last two digits of the cable part number.

How do you identify a control cable?

The control cable insulation core is usually black and the power cable is usually white.