How To Extend Trolling Motor Shaft?

Can you extend shaft on trolling motor?

Pick the longer one if you’re having a hard time deciding between two lengths. If the shaft is too long, you can always adjust it with the depth collar adjustment found on nearly all trolly motor. You are out of luck if you pick a shaft that is too short.

How far should trolling motor stick out?

The distance between your boat’s bow/mounting point and the waterline should be longer for a trolly motor shaft than it is for a normal motor shaft. Add 20 in (50.8 cm) to the measurement in freshwater and 25 in (63.5 cm) in saltwater.


What gauge wire do I need to extend my trolling motor?

We recommend using #10 AWG 105C wire when extending the wires of your troll motor up to 94” We recommend #8 AWG 105C if you want to extend the wires more than 94” The new battery cable extension kit can be found here.

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How long can trolling motor cable?

If you have more than 25 feet of wire extension, you should contact a marine technician. It’s important that an over-current protection device is used.

How big of a trolling motor do I need for a 16 ft boat?

The bigger the boat, the more thrust it needs to move through the water. The thrust of the motor is what it is rated by. A 55lb thrust motor is good for a boat that is between 12 and 16 feet.

What size trolling motor do I need for a 20 foot boat?

You can begin to think about a 36-volt system for your boat if it’s in the range of 18 to 20 feet. There is enough power in a 24v trolly motor to deal with any situation. The best motor for this size of bass boat is a 60′′ shaft that has 80 lbs of thrust.

Does trolling motor need to be centered?

If you can, you’ll want to place the shaft close to the centerline of the boat so that the bow mount motor can be mounted. This will make sure that your steering is not offset and that you don’t drift to one side or the other.

How far below the bottom of the boat should the prop be?

The engine won’t respond well if you try to plane the boat. The anti-ventilation plate should be about an inch below the transom.

Where is the best place to mount a trolling motor?

If there is a main motor, the trolly motor should be placed close to the center of the stern to not interfere with it. The stern’s top should be flush with the mount’s top.

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Can you change the shaft length on a Minn Kota trolling motor?

If your motor is too long, you can shorten its shaft. The shaft should be shortened at a service center. You can void your warranty if you shorten the shaft yourself.

Can you shorten the shaft on a Minn Kota Powerdrive trolling motor?

It is possible to shorten the shaft of a Minn Kota trolly motor. Minn Kota suggests that you take it to an authorized Minn Kota repair center. It is important to make sure you don’t void the warranty on your motor.