How To Boat Lift?

How do you raise and lower a boat lift?

From the hold position, turn the black handle to raise the blower. When lift is raised to desired height, turn blower off and turn black handle back to hold. Red and Black handles should be turned back to Hold position after the boat is free of obstructions. The motor should not be turned on to the lower lift.

How should a boat sit on a boat lift?

A balanced front and back and even sides is what your watercraft should look like. It’s easier to move with the help of the waves if it’s placed too far back or forward.

Is it OK to leave boat lift in water?

If you live in an area with a lot of ice, leaving your boat lift in the water could cause damage. If you want to remove your boat lift from the water, you can use a wheel kit from ShoreMaster.


Does a boat lift need to be level?

Do the boat lifts need to be level? The weight of the boat should be supported by the front and back of it. The bow of the lift will usually be higher than the rear of the lift so that your boat can drain rain and storm water.

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How long do boat lifts last?

The boat lift can last up to 25 years. The boat lift will fail quicker if regular maintenance isn’t taken care of. It is more expensive to perform repairs than it is to perform routine maintenance. The same maintenance is required for all boat lifts over the years.

Can I leave boat lift in water during winter?

Over the winter, a lot of people leave the boat lifts. This can be done in areas where ice flows are not a problem. It’s only possible if you flush the lines to make sure they don’t get wet, and check the fluid for winter weather conditions.

What is the point of a boat lift?

A boat lift canopy can be used to protect your boat from the harmful rays of the sun. A canopy allows your boat to air out during storage instead of leaving it musty and at risk for mold.

Can you leave wheels on boat lift?

Once the lift is in the desired position, the wheels should not be used because they don’t support the weight of the boat. It is recommended that the wheel be removed due to wave action slowly wearing it away over the course of a season.

How does a vertical boat lift work?

They use leverage to raise the boat out of the water and then pull it into a vertical position. The boat is lifted out of the water by this.