How Tall Is A Boat On A Trailer With A T Top?

Depending on the size of the boat and trailer, pontoons can be up to 12 feet tall. The majority of boats won’t fit through a garage door.

How tall is a T top boat?

The boat’s top is 80″ long and 60″ wide. Detailed drawings of the T-Top dimensions can be found in the links.

What is the height of the center console T top?

It will fit any boat in the 14- to 30-foot range with a console between 24 and 50 inches wide, and while it stands 81 inches off the deck, when folded the height is reduced to just under 50 inches.

What is the height of a boat?

The highest non-removable part of the boat ismeasured from the bottom of the keel. The rub-rail is used to measure beam from the widest point of the boat.


What does t-top mean on a boat?

A T-top is a type of top for center console boats that is shaped like a “T” and can be seen from the side. shade and rain protection for 2 or more passengers at the boat’s helm can be provided by the tall top.

Is a t-top worth it on a boat?

Whether you want the shade to cool off and make your day on the water more enjoyable, want to increase the value of your boat or need more storage for rods, lights or other accessories, a t-top is a practical and valuable addition to your center console.

How tall is a center console leaning post?

What is the height of the top of the cushion for a leaning post and can I shorten it? If you want a shorter unit, we can change the height of the leaning post for free.

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How tall is a Tritoon on a trailer?

When sitting on a bunk trailer, the average size pontoon boat is between 8 and 12 feet tall. For an exact boat fit, more space is required for a double-decker boat or large pontoon.

What is transom height on a boat?

The back of the boat has a flat vertical section called the transom. Some boat owners place the name of their boat in this location. The center line is used to calculate the transom’s height from the bottom of the hull to the top.