How Much Weight Can A Trolling Motor Push?

How much weight is needed to push a motor? A 30-pound thrust motor can support up to 1500 pounds, a 40-pound thrust can support up to 2000 and a 55 pound thrust can support up to 2500 pounds.

Can a trolling motor push a boat?

The ability to push the boat with a trolly motor is what makes it popular. The trolly motor is quiet and won’t scare off the fish. The thrust of the motor is what determines its ability to push the boat. Smaller Jon boats don’t need a lot of power.


How many pounds can 1 HP pull?

One horse can move a load 100 feet in one minute, if it exerts 330 pounds of force.

How many ft lbs is 1 HP?

James Watt came up with the idea of how much work a horse could do in a minute. A horse can move a load 100 feet in a minute with 1hp. 33 foot pounds is how much 1hp equates to.

What pound thrust trolling motor should I get?

The thrust needs to be at least 2 lbs. per 100 lbs. of fully loaded boat weight. If the wind or current is a big factor in where you fish, you’ll want to increase your thrust.

How many horsepower is 50 lbs of thrust?

Remember that each pound of thrust is equal to less than one watt of power. An average 50-pound thrust motor puts out about 2.5hp, while the largest of this breed puts out about 5hp.

How many pounds of thrust do I need for a trolling motor?

When the boat is full of fuel, people, tackle, etc., we recommend selecting a motor that has at least 2 lbs. of thrust for every 100 lbs.

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How long does battery last with 55lb thrust trolling motor?

The battery’s Amp-Hour rating is a factor in the runtime. The 55lb thrust motor has a 50ah battery that can run for an hour.

How big of a trolling motor do I need for a 16 ft boat?

If your boat is less than 16 feet, a high-thrust 12-volt model will suffice. It’s the only way to go for hassle-free boating if your boat is any longer than it used to be.


How long will a trolling motor run on a full battery?

The sea conditions, the size of the boat, and even the tides are some of the factors that affect how long a 24V trolly motor battery will last. The general duration of a traditional craft is about half a day.

Will a trolling motor push a canoe?

Even the heaviest canoes can be pushed through the water with the power of an electric trolly motor.

Will a trolling motor push a canoe up a river?

Is it possible to push a canoe or kayak with a trolling motor? The answer is yes, and it’s a short one.

How do you steer a boat with a trolling motor?

If you want to increase speed, turn the tiller clockwise, or if you want to decrease speed, turn it counter-clockwise. If you want to go into reverse, turn counter-clockwise past the starting point. You can feel a click in the tiller handle as you move up through some of the speed settings on the trolly motor.

How fast will a trolling motor push a canoe?

How fast can my canoe travel? The average speed of the canoe is 4.5 mph.

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