How Many Questions On Boat Exam?

There are 60 questions in the exam.

How long is boat exam Ontario?

The Transport Canada Boating Safety Test requires 30 days to be written. You need to score at least 75% on the test. There are two tries to pass. You can take the test again after 24 hours if you don’t pass the first time.

How hard is the Ontario boating exam?

All of the answers are included in the boating safety exam. The Boating Safety Test is open book so you don’t have to worry about passing.

How many questions are on the boat license test SA?

The General Boat Driving Licence Knowledge Quiz consists of 50 questions and you can take it or not.

What side of the buoy do you stay on?

Seafarers use the expression “red right returning” to remind them to keep the red buoy on the starboard side when entering the port. The green buoy is kept on the left side of the port.

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Does Ontario boating license expire?

The PCOC isn’t called a licence because it isn’t expired. Only a PCOC can legally operate a boat in Canadian waters.


Do Canadian boat licenses expire?

It is not possible to say yes. The Pleasure Craft Operator Card doesn’t need to be renewed, so it’s not called the Canada Boating License.

How long does the Ontario boating license take?

You have about 3 or 5 hours to complete the course and give an assessment in the first attempt. You can get your temporary PCOC in a few hours. It will take you a couple of weeks to get your permanent card.

How hard is the Canadian boating license test?

There are 50 questions and multiple choice on the boat license test. You need to get a passing grade of 75% for it to count. The results of the test will be shown. You will be able to print a temporary card after completing the course.

How long will a boat last?

The average boat is about twenty years old. The longevity of some boats will be determined by how the boat is used and how well it is maintained.

Do you need to carry your boat license SA?

You need a current boat operator’s licence to operate any type of recreational vessel fitted with an engine, regardless of the size of the boat or its engine, or if the engine is being used at the time.

How do boats go backwards?

Small ships and boats don’t reverse their engines to reverse their propeller motion. The gear box assembly has a reversing gear on it. The shifting between the gears can be achieved with a variety of methods, some of which are used.

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Which side do you pass a boat on?

Under the boating rules of the road, vessels approaching each other head-on are supposed to pass each other’s port to starboard, just like on the road.


At what speed should every vessel navigate?

There are too many variables that can affect a pleasure craft operator’s speed, so the regulations don’t specify a speed limit.

Is the BOATsmart exam hard?

Is it difficult to take the test? There are 50 multiple choice questions in the online boat test. You have to pass at least 75% to do so. The BOATsmart contains all the information you need to pass.

Do I need a boat license to rent a boat in Ontario?

Transport Canada does not require a Pleasure Craft Operating Card in order to rent a boat. Safety training will be provided by each rental operator.