How Do You Measure A Trolling Motor?

The minimum shaft length is recommended if you measure from the mounting surface of the transom or bow where the motor will be mounted. If you’re going to be fishing in rough water, add an extra 5 to the measurement.

How do I measure the shaft length on a Minn Kota trolling motor?

Take a look at the mounting surface of the transom or bow. Fishing in rough water requires a waterline measurement of at least five feet. The measurement for steering a hand control motor should be added to the waterline. The appropriate shaft length can be found by using the measurement and the tables.

What size trolling motor do I need for a 20 foot boat?

It’s best to have a 36v 52′′- 60′′ shaft with 100 lbs of thrust. The bigger the boat, the more room it has for deep cycle batteries and the more power it has to control it.

What size trolling motor do I need for a 16 foot boat?

If your boat is less than 16 feet, a high-thrust 12-volt model will suffice. It’s the only way to go for hassle-free boating if your boat is any longer than it used to be.

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What is the diameter of a Minn Kota trolling motor shaft?

Extra power is delivered to push through heavy vegetation with the power prop. There is a prop pin, nut and washer in this picture. The Minn Kota trolling motor has an indestructible shaft at the center.


How long will a 55 lb thrust trolling motor run?

A marine battery can last up to five hours. The age and condition of the battery is one of the factors that can affect this.

How fast will a 40 lb thrust trolling motor go?

You will need the larger-sized motor when you have a larger boat, even though the 30lb, 40lb, and 55lb thrust trolling motors all top out at 5 miles per hour. If you don’t, your boat won’t be able to hit anything.

What size battery do I need for a 55 lb thrust trolling motor?

If you were to use a 55lb thrust motor for two hours at full speed, you would need a battery with a 100 to 120Ah rating.

What size trolling motor should I buy?

The weight of the boat is the most important factor to consider when selecting a motor. The minimum thrust for every 100 lbs is 2 lbs. If you have a 3000lb boat that is fully loaded, the calculation is (3000/100) which is 60 lbs of thrust.

How much thrust do I need for a trolling motor kayak?

If you want to move 100 pounds of weight, you need at least 2 pounds of thrust per 100 pounds. Most small boats have enough power to drive a kayak through the water, which is why most trolly motor are made for small boats.

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Can you adjust shaft length Minn Kota?

It’s a good idea to shorten the shaft at an authorized service center. You can void your warranty if you shorten the shaft yourself. Minn Kota’s warranty won’t be voided if the shaft is shortened at an authorized service center.

Can a trolling motor shaft be too long?

A long shaft is not good for a trolly. If the motor shaft is too long, you can’t put the motor in the correct position. The environment beneath the water as well as the propeller can be damaged by long shafts.