Best Trolling Motor For Walleye Fishing

Newport Vessels Kayak Series 36lb/55lb Thrust Transom Mounted Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor w/LED Battery Indicator (24″ Shaft)

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Watersnake T24 ASP – 24 Pound Thrust 12v Electric Saltwater Trolling Motor with Transom Mount

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Newport Vessels NV-Series 36lb Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted Trolling Electric Trolling Motor

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PEXMOR Electric Trolling Motor 36/46/55/86LBS Thrust Saltwater Transom Mounted w/LED Battery Indicator 8 Variable Speed for Kayak, Inflatable Fishing Boats

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Watersnake Tracer Transom Mount Trolling Freshwater Motor

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Newport Vessels X-Series 55lb Thrust Transom Mounted Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor w/LED Battery Indicator (36″ Shaft)

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Black Haswing Cayman 12V 55lbs 48 inch Bow Mount Electric Trolling Motor Lightweight, Variable Speed, with Foot Control/Quick Release Bracket for Bass Fishing Boats Freshwater/Saltwater

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Minn Kota 1358790 PowerDrive Freshwater Electric-steer Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with Digital Maximizer, 45 lbs Thrust, 48″ Shaft

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Newport Vessels L-Series 62lb/86lb Thrust Transom Mounted Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor w/ LED Battery Indicator (40″ Shaft)

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Is trolling the best way to catch walleye?

One of the best ways to target walleyes is with trolling. By pulling baits behind the boat, they can more effectively cover the vast expanses of open water that walleyes use during the warm water months of the year.

How far behind the boat should I troll for walleye?

The planer boards were made with trollbaits in mind. You can control the depth of your crankbait from any distance up to 150 feet behind the boat with the help of a planer board. Planer boards increase the area where the lures can be caught.

What is the best time of day to catch walleye?

The best times to catch large walleye are during the morning and evening. 30 minutes before and after sunset and sunrise is the peak time. The walleye will continue to eat all night.

How fast should you go when trolling?

The type of fish, water conditions and lure choice are just some of the factors that affect the best trolly speed. Walleye, trout and salmon can be found in the 1.5 to 2.5 mph range, which is a good starting point.

What lures for walleye trolling?

Plugs, spinners, and spoons are the basic types of trolly lures. Plugs are the most popular because of two reasons. Plugs with smaller lip sizes will dive down to a determined depth.

What size hook do you use for walleye?

There is a summary of it. The best type of hook to use for walleye is the octopus hook. The treble hook can be used to catch walleye. Size 2 is the best size to use for catching a fish.

Why are walleyes so hard to catch?

It’s possible, but you’ll have to adapt your fishing locations and tactics due to the fact that walleye don’t feed actively during harsh sunlight and seek out deep water and shade to avoid it.

Can you troll for walleye with a spinning reel?

If you use a spinning reel, you can flip the lure out behind the boat and start fishing. It is possible to pick up Lures faster and clean up debris behind the boat.

What pound test line should I use for walleye fishing?

The ideal pound test line for walleye is 4 lbs fluorocarbon. It’s light enough to fool a lot of the biters, but strong enough to handle most of the fish you can expect to catch.

What month is best for walleye?

The best time to fish for walleyes is in the spring. During the summer and fall months, fishing for walleyes is good.

How much line do you put out when trolling?

It’s not an exact science, but a rule of thumb you can use when setting your lines is the “Rule of Fives.” When using a 50 pound test line and five ounces of weight, it should be set to 50.

Should you troll with or against the current?

The following is a list of the 7 things. In an area with a current, troll crosscurrent as opposed to with and against it. You don’t have to worry about how the current will affect your lure’s speed through the water if you go crosscurrent. Fish swimming into the current is a plus.

What is the best color lure for walleye?

purple and green are the most basic colors that can be used to target walleye. The colors can be used in a wide range of depths and are available in a variety of shades. For sunny days, choose bright or flashy purple or green, while for cloudy days choose a dark green or purple.

What colors can walleye not see?

The rare human beings with blue and yellow color blindness are similar to a walleye with no blue and yellow cells. A walleye is most likely to be able to see all colors in a shade of red or green.

Can you use circle hooks for walleye?

There are two reasons circle hooks a friend of a walleye. When swallowed by walleyes, circle hooks don’t cause as much damage as traditional J-style hooks, due to the fact that anglers don’t set the hook with a circle hook.

Can you catch walleye from shore?

If you fish in the early morning, late afternoon, and even night, you can catch a lot of fish. The success of fishing with moving baits will be similar to fall because the walleye are in shallow water.

How do you catch walleye when not biting?

Slow, methodical lifts of a bucktail or twistertail will do the trick if you add a minnow or worm. If you are fishing a deep northern shield lake, the best bet is to fish deeper and key in on the productive structure areas.

What size reel is best for walleye?

The size 30 and 35 reels are appropriate for the fish. The svelte 8.8 ounces of the 30 might be ideal for fishermen who are worried about weight. The 35 holds 85 more yards of line at a gain of just two ounces.

Should I use a leader when fishing for walleye?

They won’t bite through your mainline so you don’t need a steel leader. In order to prevent bite-offs, you can use a 10 to 15lb fluorocarbon leader instead of a steel one.

Should I use braid for walleye?

Although you can use any of the 3 types of fishing line for walleye jigging, braided line is the clear winner, and in our experience it is used by the majority of walleye fishermen.

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